Absolute Poker Bonus

Please Read - Absolute Poker is closed. If your looking for a new site to play poker online, please try Bet Online Poker. The poker room has the softest cash games, an instant deposit bonus and accepts all US players.

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Absolute Poker Bonus & Clearing Requirements

Absolute Poker offers every new player a pretty generous welcome bonus. In other poker rooms, you will receive a 100% match to you first deposit. In Absolute Poker, you will get 200%! Absolute poker is willing to match your first deposit by 200%. You can earn as much as $600. The clearing requirement is quite reasonable. You have to earn 16 Absolute points to be able to clear $1 from your total bonus cash. Even more generous, the bonus will be released in increments of $5. This increment, if compared to most poker rooms, is way lesser.

Absolute Poker Background

Absolute Poker entered the industry as one of the latecomers. When they did, the competition among online poker rooms is already tough. Consequently, Absolute Poker had several set backs. As an adjustment, the room decided to join what is formerly known as the Ultimate Bet poker. In 2008, Absolute, UB Poker, and some other poker rooms formed the CEREUS poker network. Since the merger, Absolute poker was starting to be known to the poker market. At present, Absolute poker is among the top 10 poker rooms in terms of player traffic.

Absolute Poker Software

Absolute Poker’s software exactly fits my definition of simple and easy to use software. The lobby has functions that are very clear and pretty straightforward. It does not have the unnecessary buttons and features that tend to make the whole screen look cluttered and messy. The software provides the usual and essential features like hand history stats, lobby stats, and multi-table play. The chat box is detachable. So it allows players to place it wherever on the screen they want it to be. The graphics are not exactly award winning, but it is good enough. As I have said Absolute Poker is pretty simple. Lately they released the features ‘final table deal making’ and ‘rabbit cam’. The final table deal making allows players at the final table to just simply split the prize pool among themselves. The rabbit cam allows players to see the rest of the community cards even if the hand is already concluded. These features are pretty exciting. In general, Absolute Poker is straightforward and efficient.

Absolute Poker Competition

When Absolute Poker started, I was amazed by how soft the competition was. However, when they moved to Cereus network, the competition became a bit tougher. But, until now, the competition in Absolute Poker is still much softer than most rooms. In the low stakes tables, the viewed flop percentage is usually 50% to 60%. This is pretty soft. The competition tends to be tougher in higher stakes.

Absolute Poker Rewards System

The loyalty program employed by Absolute Poker is really rewarding. They employ the same Frequent Player points employed in most poker rooms but with a twist. They have the FAME system. Basically, each player can earn points for playing in real money tables. With these points, you can earn credits. Based on the number of points you earn, you will be placed at a certain FAME level. With a higher FAME level, you earn credits faster. For example, in the Bronze level, which is the lowest level, you earn one credit for each point. If you are at the Silver level, which is a level higher than the Bronze level, you earn 2 credits for every point. With the highest FAME level, which is the Diamond Elite, you can earn five credits for every point. This makes earning credits way easier. The credits you earn can be used to purchase gadgets and merchandises in their store, buy seats in exclusive tournaments, or exchange for cash.

Absolute Poker Deposit Options

Absolute Poker supports a lot of deposit methods. These include VISA, Debit Cards, Bank Wire, Mastercards, Click2Pay, PaysafeCard, Western Union, ClickandBuy, Checks, Bank Drafts, eChecks, Moneybookers, Neteller, and a several more. What I like about how Absolute Poker handles finances is that most of these deposit options can also be used to withdraw funds. In addition, you can also choose to receive your cash through courier checks.

Absolute Poker Support

Unfortunately, Absolute Poker’s customer support does not have live chat and phone lines. However you can reach them through email, which I think is more than enough. This is because the response usually arrives within 24 hours. I’ve tried sending an email a couple of times. In all of those instances, I’ve received immediate and helpful responses.

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